November Music: Final concert Prix Annelie de Man

“ The secret of the harpsichord is that it decides for you how it is going to sound, you have little say in it” according to Lucas Vis, member of the Committee of Recommendation of the Annelie de Man Foundation in his welcoming speech. It should happen to you as performer or composer to be delivered to the quirks of the
instrument of your choice.

Annelie de Man (1943-2010) was an ardent apostle of contemporary repertoire for harpsichord and a loved and inspiring professor for young harpsichordists. She was involved as board member and expert of new music with November Music. Hence the setting of the Prix Annelie de Man within November Music. The Prix entails a composition competition – 108 composers applied- and a competition for harpsichordists. At the final concert. three prize winning works, a performance by the winner of the harpsichord competition and a new work by Roderik de Man were on the programme.

Goska Isphording, former student of Annelie and artistic director of the Prix, performed with soundtechnician Jorrit TammInga , “Breath across autumnal ground” (1st prize composition) by Sohrab Uduman for harpsichord and live electronics. The piece had beautiful moments. The surround of loudspeaker sounds created a delicate sound cloud around the harpsichord, sometimes employing four or six electronic hands. In H into H (Honorary Mention) the jury may have possibly erred. Or could they not see through the branches and leaves on which the piece for horn and harpsichord was based, if a future talent really shimmered? KAtaMari bu Yukiko Watanabe was intriguing to see and hear by the surprisingly beautiful revelation of he Japanase sho (Naomi Sato) combined with the harpsichord played by Ere Lievonen

The harpsichordist Justine Charlet (France), received 1st prize for performers. Her favorite composer and music, as the programme booklet reveals, are Schubert and pop music from the seventies. Amusing. She played with gusto and theatrical feeling L’Amstellodamoiselle by Panos Iliopoulos. The piece alternates between solid dissonant chord blocks and relaxed melodic material. So much relaxed at a certain point, that the performer seems to fall asleep on the keys. When the chord blocks with the vehemence of Amsterdam ramming poles reappear, she is – naturally – at once widely awake.

One has to admit, for the inexperienced listener to contemporary harpsichord music it takes getting used to on such an evening. The sound of the Baroque rooted instrument and today’s music seem a contradiction in terms. With “Le Clavecin Illuminé “ by Roderik De Man this uneasy feeling disappears completely. The splendidly playing Insomnio Ensemble accompanies the illuminated protagonist of he evening with Goska Isphording at the keyboard. From the first beat there is a rich sound structure from which constantly alternating instruments or combinations of instruments lyrically emerge. That precisely the harpsichord sets the contemporary atmosphere is mysterious and significant.

Seen and written by Marianne de Feijter; Friday November 9th 2012 in the Muzerije, Den Bosch, Netherlands during November Music.

Thursday 8 november

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Jury Final harpsichord
Goska Isphording (head)
Ketil Are Haugsand
Guus Janssen
Roderik de Man

1. Daniel Buendía Barcelo (1989, Spain)
composers: Klaas de Vries, Óscar Escudero Romero en Toru Takemitsu a.o.
2. Justine Charlet (1980, France/Netherlands)
composers: Hanna Kulenty en Alain Louvier a.o.
3. Monika Elżbieta Forys (1989, Poland)
composers: Marian Sawa en Louis Andriessen a.o.
4. Joanna Jaszczyk (1995, Poland)
composers: Roderik de Man en Marian Sawa a.o.
5. Sonja Leipold (1983, Austria)
composers: Jacob Ter Veldhuis en Julia
Purgina a.o.
6. Piotr Józef Maksymowicz (1989, Poland)
composers: Clara Kim en György Ligeti a.o.
7. Olga Pashchenko (1986 Russia/Netherlands)
composers: Gyorgy Ligeti en Maurice
Ohana a.o.
8. Daniel Strządała (1995, Poland)
composers: Zygmunt Krauze en Roderik de Man a.o.
9. Aleksandra Szymańska (1988, Poland)
composers: Arkadiusz Kątnyen Jacob Ter
Veldhuis, (animation by Kristien Kerstens) a.o.
10. Alexandra de Vera Cárdenes (1987, Spain)
composers: Ton Bruynèl en J. Françaix a.o.
11. Catalina Vicens (1983, Chili/Swiss)
composers: Mauricio Kagel en Toru Takemitsu a.o.
12. Olga Zheltikova (1981,Russia/Germany)
composers: Edison  Denissow en
Cristobal Halffter a.o.
Sound engineer: Ernst van der Loo

Friday November 9 8.30 pm
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• Sohrab Uduman - Breath across autumnal ground (13')
for harpsichord and live electronics
first prize composers concourse
Harpsichord: Goska Isphording
Live electronics: Jorrit Tamminga

• Chikage Imai - H into H (8')
for harpsichord en horn
Honorable mention composers concourse
Harpsichord: Ere Lievonen
Horn: Misha Sporck

Yukiko Watanabe - kAtaMarI (10')
for sho en harpsichord
Soloist: Goska Isphording, harpsichord
Sho: Naomi Sato
Horn:Misha Sporck
Live electronics: Jorrit Tamminga

Jury Composers:
Wim Henderickx
Liza Lim
Roderik de Man (head)

• Winner Final harpsichord (announced on Thursday evening November 8)
ca 15'

• Roderik de Man- Le Clavecin Illuminé for Harpsichord and Ensemble(15')
Soloist: Goska Isphording, Ensemble: Insomnio


*During the 20th edition of November Music (nov 7 - nov 11) again a broad variation of today's music is presented. November Music has revealed the names of the festivalprogramme for 2012, with among others Steve Reichs' Music for 18 Musicians by Asko|Schönberg andMichel van der Aa's Up-Close by Amsterdam Sinfonietta. Further more trumpetplayer Enrico Rava and pianist Harmen Fraanje, Stian Westerhus, Vijay Iyer & Misha Mengelberg, Boudewijn Tarenskeen's St Matthew Passion and Belgian jazzgroup Octurn feat.Gyuto Monks from Tibet.

Winners ceremony Prix Annelie de Man for harpsichord and composition by Bert Palinckx

press: Judith van Doorn:
download competition rules here


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Winners Prix Annelie de Man 2012
Foundation Annelie de Man proudly announces the winners of the Prix Annelie de Man 2012:

First Prize: Justine Charlet

Honorable mention for the most contemporary program: Sonja Leipold

Honorable mention: Daniel Strządała

Please find all the participants to the Finals of the Prix Annelie de Man 2012 listed below (in random order).

All participants

Aleksandra Szymańska

Name: Aleksandra Szymańska
Age: 23
Nationality: Polish

She start playing the piano at the age of 5. She completed bachelor and master studies at the Academy of Music in Wrocław in the class of harpsichord . In 2011, she received a scholarship to study at the Conservatorio di Musica in Verona (Italy ) under the supervision of a harpsichordist Prof. Marco Vincenzi and organist Prof. Umberto Forni. Currently she continues education for Postgraduate Master Studies of harpsichord and early music under the supervision of Prof. Marta Czarny - Kaczmarska and Ph.D Aleksandra Rupocińska at the Academy of Music in Wrocław.

Favorite composer and music?
I am a very big fan of the harpsichord, so the music where the harpsichord appears is my favorite one. It is very difficult to name only the one composer. It would be the master Bach, Froberger, Frescobaldi, de la Guerre, Rameau…

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man:
James Dorsa, Arkadiusz Kątny and Jacob Ter Veldhuis

Alexandra Vera Cárdenes

Name: Alexandra Vera Cárdenes
Age: 25
Nationality: Spanish

From 2008 to 2012 Alexandra studied at the Conservatory of Aragon in the specialty harpsichord with the teacher Silvia Marquez, and graduated in May 2012. She has attended the International Early Music Course of Daroca and Early Music Course of Castilla y León and had classes by José Luis González Uriol, Tony Millan, Olivier Baumont, Jacques Ogg, Imbi Tarum and Annelie de Man. She is currently studying at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with the teacher Fabio Bonizzoni.

Favorite composer and music?
If I had to say one composer I suppose that I would say Girolamo Frescobaldi, but I love to the music of other composers both early and contemporary music. And respect to the music I am not able to answer that question, I believe that the music depends of the moments of your life, sometimes I prefer Baroque music, other times I prefer Renaissance music, in other time I prefer modern music. Lately I am listening more music of the Renaissance but I don't have one favorite music.

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man:
Maurice Ohana , Ton Bruynèl, J. Françaix, a.o
Justine Charlet

Name: Justine Charlet
Age: 31
Nationality: French

Born in the north of France, Justine falls in love with harpsichord after some studies of litterature and piano. Devoted to both instruments, she plays mostly as a pianist accompanist with singers and studies harpsichord with Blandine Ranou in Versailles, and with Bob van Asperen and Richard Egarr in Amsterdam. In 2009 she met the wonderful Annelie de Man who opens her mind to the world of contemporary music for harpsichord. And when she met Goska Isphording the following year, she understands that this travel is just begining...
"Please, forgive me Johann Sebastian, I'm going to be unfaithful for few months..."

Favorite composer and music?
Schubert and the pop of the 70's

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man:
Hanna Kulenty, Alain Louvier a.o.

Monika Foryś

Name: Monika Foryś
Age: 22

Nationality: polish

Monika was born in Kraków and studied harpsichord   at Music Academy Kraków and with Professor is E. Stefańska. She took part in master courses led by: M. Kroll, E. Chojnacka. Ch. Schornsheim, B. Klapprott and J. Ogg. She played solo and with orchestra during polish and international Festivals as “De Bach a Mozart” (France) and Bach Biennale Weimar (Germany).

What did you think when you heard you where a finalist for ‘Prix Annelie de Man?
I couldn't believe! I was very happy that I will come to Holland and I will perform modern pieces by Dutch and Polish composers. I knew that I do something what is not very popular in my country…

Favorite composer and music?
I don't have my favorite composer. I try to be open minded so I listen to   historical, modern…classical and popular music. I think it's important to understand essence of music and its capricious nature.

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man:
Marian Sawa, Louis Andriessen a.o

Olga Zheltikova

Name: Olga Zheltikova
Age: 31

Nationality: Russian

From 1999 – 2004 Olga studied Harpsichord at the Tschaikowsky Conservatory in Moskow by Prof. Alexander Semetskij and Prof. Natalia Troull. In 2010 she finished her Master study „Histroc Keyboards in Karsruhe beim by Kristian Nyquist. And also got her solo examination in harpsichcord. The meeting with harpsichord and the postgraduate studies in Germany are a highlight in her music career.

Favorite composer and music?
Ooooooh.. It depends from the mood: Josquin des Pres , J.S.Bach , A.Vivaldi , F.Schubert , G.Mahler , A.Schönberg, I.Stravinsky , I.Xenakis , F.Romitelli , S.Reich

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man:
Edison Denissow, Cristobal Halffter a.o. 

Piotr Józef Maksymowicz

Name: Piotr Józef Maksymowicz
Age: 23
Nationality: Polish

Pjotr is a student at M.A. level at harpsichord class of professor Małgorzata Skotnicka at The Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music (Akademia Muzyczna im Stanisława Moniuszki) in Gdańsk. Apart from music he studies at M.A. level at Department of Polish Literature of University of Gdańsk (Uniwersytet Gdański). He is fascinated by contemporary harpsichord compositions, and contemporary music in general (for example Krzysztof Pendercki). In the sphere of his artistic interests we can also find baroque harpsichord music and baroque music and poetry together with dramatic creativity leading to the advent of opera.

Favourite composer and music?
Krzysztof Pendercki, Paweł Szymański, Michael Nyman, Kazimierz Serocki, Iannis Xenakis, Louis Couperin, Antonio Soler, Georg Fierdrich Haendel, Henry Purcell, Jean Philippe Rameau

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man:
Clara Kim, György Ligeti a.o.

Daniel Strządała

Name: Daniel Strządała
Age: 17
Nationality: Polish

Graduate of Diocesan Organist School in Bielsko-Biała student of State Secondary Music School in Bielsko-Biała in the harpsichord class led by mgr Urszula Jasiecka-Bury and Academy of Music in Katowice within the confines of project “Young Musical Academy” in the organ class led by Prof. Julian Gembalski. Daniel Strządała recorded solo album entitled “The Organ impressions of Czechowice deanery” He began playing and interested in contemporary music, when he was 10 years old.

avorite composer and music?
I like general J. S. Bach's and contemporary music.

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man:
Zygmunt Krauze, Roderik de Man a.o

Sonja Leipold

Name: Sonja Leipold
Age: 29


Sonja Leipold was born in 1983 in Villach, Austria. She studied at the Mozarteum, Salzburg and received a BA in music, both in flute (2005) and piano (2006). Since 2006 she has been studying harpsichord and basso continuo with Augusta Campagne at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and received her Masters degree in 2011.
She is regularly playing contemporary music and is working with composers since 2008, both as a soloist and with various ensembles such as ensemble reconsil, schnittpunkt vocal, duo ovocutters (harpsichord/accordion).  

Favorite composer and music?
Usually it's the music I'm currently working on; in my spare time I love the silence

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man:
Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Julia Purgina a.o.

Joanna Jaszczyk

Name: Joanna Jaszczyk
Age: 17
Nationality: Polish

Since 2002 to 2008 she was playing piano in Marta Gurdak's class in State School of Music in Oświęcim. After that she start playing harpsichord, teached by Urszula Jasiecka- Bury.
Joanna has played contemporary music since 2009. 
The Prix Annelie de Man isn't her first competition. For the first time She took part in Wanda Landowska's Competition in Gdańsk (Poland) in 2010. 

Favorite composer and music?
favorite harpsichord composer is Marian Sawa.

Playing at Prix Annelie de Man: Roderik de Man, Marian Sawa a.o.